Grant Guthrie

Software Engineer & nice guy

Professional problem solver for over a decade


Big consulting company – large engagements for Transamerica, TCW, Nissan, & Honda


Small interactive shop – nimble teams with tight deadlines for Honda, Kraft, & KOA


Fast-moving startup – building critical integrations to keep the business moving

JustFab Inc.

Established startup – creating tools with new technology to enable further growth

Picture of Grant & his luxurious locks

Look at those luxurious locks

Grant's hair is naturally curly and is currently cut shorter than in this picture. He has been a fan of the Cardinals and the Lakers since he knew what baseball and basketball were. If you have sharp eyes, you may have seen him in the background of Mockingjay as a citizen of District 13. Grant has strong opinions about cartoons and wants to be a race car driver when he grows up.